It is also called as “invisible mannequin”, is a simple and powerful post-production technique for apparel product photography. Ghost mannequins create a great effect when you want to show off both the front and interior of a garment — as if the clothing were placed on an invisible mannequin.

A complex process comes into action to create Neck Joint photos:
• We need two types of shots – one with an item dressed on the mannequin while the other displays some invisible part of an item (usually those behind the neck).
• Then our experienced editor will merge these two photos into a single one with special techniques.
• After that editors have to meticulously remove little details to provide a final look, with this very hollow-man effect.

We provide additional below-mentioned adjustments at additional cost:

    1.  Color correction
    2. Background Fixing or Replacement
    3. Dust Removal
    4. Unwanted Object Removal
    5. Creasing, Stains or Scratches fixing
    6. Adding Natural/Drop Shadow/Reflection.

Ghost Mannequin​


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